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    Date: Monday, June 18, 2018    Time: 9 am - 5 pm      Location: Sebastopol, CA      Cost: $150 (includes course materials)

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Once basic skills have been developed for any dog sport (including Nose Work, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Freestyle, Herding, Musical Canine Freestyle, etc.), handlers and their dog ideally need to learn to work exceptionally well together as a team for top performance.  In this seminar, we will explore what makes an excellent handler and how your efficiency as a handler will affect your dog’s performance in training and trialing. As a professional dog trainer, these same skills and techniques can be used in your dog training business or professional setting to deal with challenging situations, difficult clients and group presentations.  In addition, these skills are critical for any dog trainer that wants their students to excel in training.

The Seminar will be an interactive discussion format without dogs.

Seminar Description:

·         Understand the elements of performance so as a team you and your dog can perform at your best.

·         Learn how to focus and perform under pressure to the best of your abilities using straight forward and practical  

          Mental Management ® techniques.

·         Discover what makes excellent performance easy when handling a dog.

·         Learn how to set goals that are realistic, yet will allow you and your dog to stretch as a team.

·         Develop tools to easily track your dog training performance and accomplish goals easily.

·         Learn how to have consistent performance as a handler and avoid mistakes that will throw your dog off.

·         Understand how you perceive yourself and your dog will affect your performance as a team and learn how to

          change that perception.

·         As a dog trainer or business owner, learn how to smoothly handle difficult situations such as the client “melt-

          down,” unhappy clients, or unexpected events during a class or dog event.

·         Teach instructors how to help their clients be not only efficient, but stellar trainers!

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