Upcoming Nose Work Workshops:

Putting the "I" in Teamworkwith Laurel Scarioni, CNWI
Date: Saturday or Sunday, April 29 or 30, 2017 (same workshop offered 2 different days)
Time: 9 am – 4 pm (1 hr lunch)
Location: Hessel Grange, 5400 Blank Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95471
Cost: $125 for 1-day working spot, $169 for 1-day working spot and 1-day audit, $75 for 1-day audit, $110 for 2-day audit

Description: One of my favorite sayings is “Teamwork… together, we can accomplish the work of one!” While meant as a jest, this is what nose work handlers should strive for! As your dog’s teammate, your role is to help them accomplish a task that is beyond your capabilities. Your dog’s role is to use their nose, consider your input (without taking you too seriously), and work through the distractions presented by the environment as well as by their well-intentioned but feeble-nosed partner (that’s you!).  Your dog needs to be the managing partner… open to advice yet focused on the goal and with ultimate veto power. In short, your dog needs to put the “I” (Independence) in teamwork!  

This workshop will include lecture, discussion, and exercises to help handlers recognize how they are interfering with their dog’s search, where their dog needs more support, and to give that support productively. Exercises will focus on: building the dog’s confidence to take the lead; developing the dog’s ability to accept and assess handler suggestions without losing focus on the search; working through distractions; and, of course, having fun with your amazing canine partner!

This workshop is appropriate for teams of all levels, from pre-competition to seasoned competitors. Exercises will be adjusted to meet the needs of each team.

Registration is limited to 10 working spaces and 20 auditors each day.

Working spaces are full, auditing still available!  Click Here For Registration Form

Interested in hosting a workshop? Available topics include:

Leash handling

Creating an Independent Searcher

Hide Placement

Covering the Search Area

Elite Handling

Call or email for a price quote for workshops.